How to take care of your
biometric machine

The following tasks must be performed to maintain the efficiency
and longevity of the Biometric Device:

Keep the Device away from direct sunlight, moisture, and objects that emits substantial amount of heat, electrical magnetic pulse, and vibration.

Ensure the cleanliness of the Device from dirt, liquid, and other products that may corrode it. Use only lint free scratch resistant cloth that is lightly moistened if necessary.

Reboot/Reset the device every two days.

Allow the Device to accept and complete the
system updates from JustPayroll or PhilPay.

Avoid dropping, hitting, heavily pressing down, tampering, scratching, and other activities that instill
damage on the Device.

Avoid overcharging the Device.
Allow the Device to cool by shutting it down if it gets hot.

Failure to maintain the Device properly may void its warranty.