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Comprehensive instructions and steps
that make it easy to get started

How does it Work

Register your data using our
online form in your PC or

Connect the Netbundy to the
internet and let the information
sync with the Netbundy Biometric
Device. After syncing, it is now
ready to be used.

Download the CSV file for payroll
use. If you’re using our payroll
software partners, your time and
attendance data is integrated
seamlessly without the need to
download the CSV file.

Benefits of
Configuring It Yourself

More Control on
Who Sees Your Data

Input sensitive data without the need of a third-party

Empower You
to Handle Yourself

No need to wait for support, easily take matters in your hand

Save Up on Setup Fees

Spend nothing on setting up your company
time and attendance policies

Empower your choice to do it yourself