Our Solution
to BPO Companies

See who is in and out in a dashboard

View attendance in the office from anywhere

Multiple Options for Time Data Capture

Biometric fingerprint scanner, RFID reader, and passcode

Dedicated Portal for viewing
Time Portal

Cloud-based portal to access time data
from anywhere and at anytime in your PC,
laptop, or mobile device.

User-friendly Interface

Uncomplicated layout for key features, making the learning curb for both employee and administrators minimal.

Designed to optimize
administrative functions

Generate time attendance reports in a few clicks,
monitor time entries in a glance, easy management
of leaves

Benefits of Choosing Us

Reduced Hours in Payroll

Less Paperwork and admin
tasks for leave management

Prevents fraud occurrences due to
time theft and buddy punching

Eliminates human errors in
processing timekeeping

Attractive to Millennials
and Gen Z’ers