Frequently Asked Questions

The Netbundy biometric machines provide timekeeping solutions for employers. As an added feature, it also serves as an employee self-service kiosk that allows them to file leaves, view their details, and generate payslips without the need to visit the HR department.

For the time being, our engineers are currently working on a way to make our biometric device to be not only portable, but could control door accesses. Stay tuned for updates.

With the proper care and following our maintenance guidelines, our Netbundy device is projected to last more than five years.

As a time attendance system, our biometric machine could record timekeeping data via the integrated fingerprint scanner, RFID reader, and passcode verifier.

Our engineers are currently developing a cutting-edge face recognition system and integrate it in Netbundy. Stay tuned for updates.

We disabled this feature on purpose, since data extraction through USBs are known to be vulnerable to fraudulent activities and data corruption.

Through the Netbundy data platform, the administrator may simply log on and download the timekeeping data on a CSV format. But for those who availed our device with our partnered payroll system, the data is readily available to be viewed and processed for payroll.

Data transmitted to the cloud platform is in real-time, given that it is connected to the internet. From there, payroll administrators may extract data or view the data as it is captured in the Netbundy affiliated payroll system.

The Netbundy biometric device can be used in online and offline modes. Even if the internet signal is weak or intermittent, the data will upload when a stable internet connection has been established.

The Netbundy biometric machine comes with the provisions to insert and use a sim card. We do not provide the sim card.

Netbundy has a flash memory of 8GB. It could be expanded even more through the SD Slot.

The Netbundy biometric machine is made with durability in mind. With its IP65 certification, it can easily resist dust and moisture. The built itself can withstand 4 foot drops.

Our device comes with free and unlimited software enhancements and updates.

Yes, as long as it is API ready. However, to get the most of its features, it is best matched with our payroll system partners.

The starting rate for each device is P20,000, exclusive of VAT. Shipping rates will apply.

Yes, of course. Our customer happiness team provides assistance for all buyers to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase. They do follow-ups, answers your questions, assist you with your warranties, help you process orders, and others.

Despite that Netbundy devices are durable, they are not indestructible. In the event that it is damaged, we offer the means to replace it. As long as it within the warranty period and its damage is within our acceptable reasons, we will replace it for free. However, if the replacement request is outside the warranty period and/or its damaged is caused by a situation deemed unfit by the terms and conditions, there will be a replacement and shipping fee.

Our basic warranty is one year upon signing the contract. Buyers may avail of the extended warranty.

No, Netbundy pride itself for being compliant with local laws. As a rule, any business entity who exchange goods and services are obliged to issue value-added taxes.

Unlike other biometric machines in the market, Netbundy can be setup without the intervention of a technician. This is how it works:

  1. Unbox
  2. Log in to (tbd)
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Employee data
    • Schedule
    • Timekeeping Policies

We offer onboarding assistance for an added fee.

The ESS can be setup through the Netbundy data platform. From there, you could create the access and then send the invites to the employees with clear instructions on using the ESS.

In some cases, the fingerprint was not captured properly. To fix this, you could try any of the following:

  • Overwrite the previous biometric data by recording the same fingerprint again
  • Overwrite the previous biometric data by recording the fingerprint of a different finger

At times, the fingerprint of an individual is not that visible. You may opt to have that employee to use a passcode or RFID card instead.

Much like any other device, Netbundy may get hot. When this happens, below is a list of the different reasons and on how to fix them:

  • The device is located near a heat source
    1. Relocate to another place that is not near any heat source, or a place that lets sunlight in, or generally hot.
  • The device is located where the WiFi is weak
    1. Place the device where the WiFi signal is strong
    2. Disconnect the device from the WiFi and reconnect only when you need to sync timekeeping data
  • The device is on for an extended period of time
    • Turn off the device and restart after five minutes

  • Check if there are any damage on the charger and cable. At times, the mentioned items could be damaged due to misuse or neglect.
  • Ensure that the connection between cable to the device or the charger is well-connected

  • Use the Forgot Password? Feature
  • Contact and our customer happiness support team will get in touch with you

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